Cafe Owner
Food Education Advisor
A graduate of the Tsuji Culinary Institute, Chiaki started her career as a food artist with a focus on French and Italian cuisine. After training at a traditional Italian restaurant in Osaka, she gained further experience working together with Tanaka Aiko-sensei, a well-known international fellow food artist. Chiaki's education and palate were expanded through traveling and attending cooking classes in Canada, New York, Australia and Tasmania.

Once settled down back in Japan, she started her own company, "en-kitchen". Through en-kitchen she offers many food related services. These include, but are not limited to: cooking classes, catering for both individuals and companies, food education, recipe consulting, kitchen product consulting, food blog and column writing, food illustration and photography.

In the spring of 2016, "en-kitchen cafe" opened in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture;【Gluten free, no egg or milk, vegetable cafe en-kitchen】. This cafe was designed with an allergy friendly, vegetable focused menu especially suitable for young mothers, children, vegetarians, and vegans.

A key achievement of 2017, was the establishment of en-kitchen Co., Ltd.

Chiaki will continue to work on expanding en-kitchen activities in Tokyo, Nagoya and nationwide.

Since 2017 we have been offering cooking classes and cafe menu consulting in Shanghai, China. Over 2018 and forward, Chiaki will continue to share Japan's wonderful food culture with China through upcoming potential opportunities to create recipe books and import traditional Japanese pottery.
My Work
【Restaurant/Cafe Owner】


『Gluten free, no egg or milk, vegetable cafe en-kitchen』
Open in Aichi, Nagoya
【Cooking class/Event】


Held private cooking class "en-kitchen" in Tokyo (2009~2011 Time off. Held on regular basis currently)


Held monthly artist collaboration event “Beautilicious event”
【Speciality teacher】


Teacher of professional diploma course at Lista culinary school


Partner teacher of Japanese society of Japan infant food academy


Cafe menu consulting for a cafe in Chita, Aichi


Restaurant menu consulting for a bar in Akasaka, Tokyo


Frying pan design for a well known kitchen supplies company
【TV show】


Food coordinator for variety of programs 


Appeared on show “Dodesuka”, a popular TV program in Nagoya

2017, Sep

Appeared on show "Shop Channel"
【Magazine, Free paper 】

2013, Aug-Sep

Recipe coordinator for “ENTER” magazine in Miyagi prefecture


Recipe coordinator for “GoRoNe” magazine in Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd

2016, Sep

en-kitchen cafe featured in “Cheek” magazine (September edn)


en-kitchen cafe featured in “Otonano-Nagoya” magazine (Vol.36)

2017, Jan

en-kitchen cafe featured in “Cheek” magazine (January edn)

2017, Mar

en-kitchen cafe featured in community journalism “SAKURA” (March edn)

2017, Mar

en-kitchen cafe featured in “Nagoya-book”

2017, May

en-kitchen cafe featured in “Veggy”


Chiaki was interviewed on FM setagaya 83.4 Radio  


en-kitchen cafe was interviewed for ZIP FM 77.8 Radio

2017, Jun

Chiaki appeared on Honmaru Radio
【Cooking class/ Event for company】


Cooking class events at Fissler Japan, Ltd  
  • Cooking class at Outlet in Saitama, 2011~2014
  • Cooking class at Isetan department store in Shinjyuku, 2014~now
  • Cooking class at Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi, 2014~2015
  • Cooking class at Takashimata department store in Yokohama, 2016~now
  • Etc...


Cooking class at Yoshiyasu, Ltd  
  • Maruhiro department store in Kawagoe
  • Tokyu department store in Shibuya 
  • Etc...

2012, Aug

wine company, Ltd   
  • Recipe coordinator for new product tasting party


Cooking demonstration at Tigercrown, Ltd   
  • Cooking demonstration at Tokyo Big Site
  • Etc...


Cooking class at Premiercoeu, Ltd.   
  • Cooking class in Jiyugaoka


Cooking class at Halo, Ltd.   
  • Kids cooking class at Higashikurume, Tokyo.


Private cooking class in Shimane and Miyagi prefectures
【Food education】


Cooking class at beauty salon in Toronto, Canada 


Food education class at elementary school for House Foods Corporation


Midsize private or office parties.  
  • Wedding party, private parties in Toronto, Canada
  • Office reception parties, class. Etc…
  • Private parties, class. Etc… 
【Web recipe, interview】

2014, Feb

Featured in Bits magazine in Toronto about food event “Delicious moment” with naturopathic doctor, Mami

2015, Fall

Recipe coordinator of “Kids plate” web page in USEN corporation


Recipe coordinator of “Chiaki’s 365days recipe” web page in Daito Trust Construction Co.,Ltd


Cooking class in Toronto, Canada


Food education column in TORJA magazine


Cooking class in Shanghai, China