• Eiko
    Japanese Ceramic Artist
    I specialized in traditional urushi, the Japanese art of lacquer work, at the Joshibi University of Art and Design in Tokyo, Japan. During the time, I developed strong interest in traditional forms of Japanese arts, including ceramics. Having great opportunities and mentorships, I started learning ceramics after moving to Canada. Today, based in Toronto, I exhibit my work at various art shows and at several galleries.
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  • Megumi
    Nagomi beauty room, Owner
    Megumi is the owner of Nagomi, which is a mandarin word for “harmony.” Her spa is a space where her clients can be rejuvenated mentally and physically. It’s a space which allows her to give back to the wider Torontonian community by supporting Japanese artists and artisans who want to impact Toronto with their talents and wellness products.
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  • Minako
    Infant food & 'baby sign' certified instructor
    I am a US NLP psychology counselor for baby's SOPHIA national team, responsible for infant food and 'baby sign' courses, operating mainly in Nagoya city. Through infant food courses, we are educating young parents on how infant food helps baby's become close to their moms. We are also hosting 3 'baby sign' courses in Nagoya. Over my 9 years of experience, I have helped guide many young mothers through the baby's important growth period.
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  • Miho
    Atelier Je T'aime, President
    Early on I became interested in how flowers allow us to express ourselves and decided to seriously study preserved and artificial flowers. I hope to share my passion for flowers and fabrics with you through my classes and company events; including those I have hosted at Isetan Shinjuku head office and Nagoya Mitsukoshi Soutei.
    Contact me to learn more about my upcoming classes.
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