The inspiration to develop en-kitchen was formed through international experiences that proved we are all connected through food.

The first time I visited Tasmania, I discovered there was something different from the organic world I had known in Japan. The sea, sky and food were all so beautiful, it almost bought me to tears. By talking with the cooks and vendors I learned how things there were made, stoking my interest in trying their food.

While living in Canada, I met people from all corners of the globe. Learning about the differences in food, history and ways of thinking was a new and exciting experience. It brought me to the realization that food is not just amazing, it is universal to us all. This also made me start considering an important question:
“What is it about eating something delicious that brings us happiness?”

In New York, I was inspired by the modern and rapidly changing food and lifestyles, including things such as vegetarianism, whole and raw foods. I therefore decided to learn as much as possible about these through studying food and recipes from around the world.

The 'en' of en-kitchen has a wide range of uses, all of which are centered on 'connectivity'. Every country has a different personality: Tasmania is relaxed, Canada is multicultural, while New York is rapid paced and modern. Yet, at the same time, food provides a conduit to connect people from all over the world. It is my goal that en-kitchen will be a company focused on connecting hearts and minds through healthy food.

Let's enjoy the lifelong journey of food together!